Sooo today some things happened

I’ve worked at The Counter since 2009. Today I received an email saying that my store and the other two San Diego locations were to be closed, effective immediately as in TODAY! As someone who is not financially stable (renter, car loan payments, student loan payments, etc) this information hit me like a ton of bricks. What really makes me the most upset is that the store owners supplied their employees from THREE restaurants with ZERO notice.

My situation is going to be sketchy for a while, but I feel more upset for the people who I worked with who had families to provide for. Fingers crossed that this is the universe’s way of opening new doors for me in 2014.

Below is a postcard some of my customers sent me a while back while traveling through Europe. Also, a rainbow loom necklace given to me by one of my favorite regular kids who would come in, age five. He told me that typically he charges people $500 for his custom jewelry, but for me- “no charge.” He then told my fellow bartender that he would have had to pay ONE THOUSAAAAND Dollars and it was adorable.Image

I will miss the Counter team, my regulars and all the hilarious shit that would happen in the restaurant. That store has been like a second home to me over the past few years and although the owners handled this situation horribly, I’ll be sad to see it go. Thanks for teaching me how to make the best damn milkshake in California.


Hi WordPress, it’s been a while.

Last week was the TEDxSanDiego event and my first time volunteering with TEDx! I contacted one of the organizers back in June and have attended meetings since then, each consecutive sit down got me increasingly excited for the big day.

You may not know, but TED talks hold a special place in my heart, and here’s why:

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